Quick5 In-Line Handler provides Small Footprint, High-Speed and No Extra Fixture Cost, as existing fixtures of MFS - D3 Series can be used on this handler!
Ensuring 15-40% Savings compared to other traditional handler platforms. So if you use our TRIO Offline ICT Tester with MFS-D3 Fixture Kits just need to move your existing exchangeable Kit into this Handler and can increase your output to 3- 5x more compared to traditional offline testing method!
With no Extra Fixture cost!
More advantages: Latest Technology. No PLC so no Annual License Fee
Dual Stage option
800 Test Points
PXI, LXI, VXI welcomed
Integration w Functional or ICT Testers.


  • 100% Pneumatically Operated
  • Automatic Opening & Closing Cover
  • Two Independently Operated Cover Units
  • Functional Test, End - of - Line Test and ICT Test
  • Radio Frequency Test
  • Maximum Force 1000 N
  • Alum-A-Grip Handles for transport and lift


The main highlights of the new TRIO Platform includes the single or dual access Equip-Test Mechanical Test Fixture (MFS), the fast TRI Tiny SII ICT. The combination of these main features together with the renowned Equip-Test ICT engineering knowledge ensures that you can get a very good start-off ICT Test System for analog and digital measurements.


LEDProbes provide the vital link to transfer optical measurement signals in Optics Industry as true and as undistorted as possible. This new Product Family supports various Customer Application on demand - and for this very reason it is important for Equip-Test to offer highperformance LEDProbes with best quality and value, and thus ensure maximized ROI (Return of Investment) for our customers.

Mechanical Fixture - D4

The new single well Equip-Test Mechanical Test Fixture (MFS), complies to most demanding In-Circuit and Functional Testing Challenges. Interface plate cover is placed on back of Fixture, which can be freely customized according customer’s requirements. Due to its robust design this Fixture can easily handle up to 1000 Test Points* without bending problems!.

Radio Frequency FIXTURE

Perfect Protection against External Signal Interferences. High isolation up to 99.7 dB. Qualified from 400 MHz to 6 GHz to cover all common RF bands. Solid and reliable construction from solid aluminium block. Fully removable bottom plate allows easy and effective wiring. Reliable overlapping seams on all permanent interconnections. Expandable chamber to extend RF environment. Large cabling access plate, removable and easy to customise.


All tools in our company are designed and manufactured with high quality, durable design and high flexibility – taking ergonomy into the account. Hundreds of electronics and cable-harness manufacturers, fixture houses, system integrators and special purpose machine makers worldwide use them with satisfaction every day. Our tools help your job done precisely, properly, quickly and easily

Vacuum Fixture Kit for KEYSIGHT - AGILENT - HP 3070

Automatic Opening & Closing Cover
Usable Cover Types: Mechanical and Vacuum
Dual Stage

Automatic Opening & Closing Pneumatic Fixture Kit

100% Pneumatically Operated
Automatic Opening & Closing Cover
Functional Test, End - of - Line Test